Capernwray NZ

Bible School Courses available:

20 Week Bible School Course at Capernwray New Zealand20 Week Bible School: Monavale Homestead

20 weeks or 137 days or 3,288 hours or 197,280 minutes of awesomeness!
Capernwray has been running a Bible School at the Monavale campus since 1996. The 20 week programme runs from early February to early July and then again from late July until mid December. Be warned! - 20 weeks goes FAST! Therefore many students take the opportunity to stay for both 20 week semesters, making it an awesome 40 week programme. The staff love it when students stay on (in fact, we want you to stay forever! Well, most of you ;)

Student fees are discounted for the second semester for those wishing to do so.

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40 Week Bible School Course at Capernwray New Zealand

6 Week ABS Course: Adventure Lodge

ABS should stand for 'Awesome, Brilliant, Super' but it actually stands for 'Adventure Bible School'.
It's a 6 week intensive, outdoor teaching programme based at our beautiful Adventure Lodge on the shores of Lake Karapiro.

The ABS Lodge provides accommodation for 18 student beds, arranged in 2 separate bunk-room areas - one for guys and the other for girls. Each bunk-room has its own attached toilet and showering facilities.
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10 Week Business Ministry Leadership Course at Capernwray New Zealand10 Week BML Course: Monavale Homestead

A cacophony of wonder crammed into 10 weeks - it's a Capernwray miracle!

Our Business, Ministry, Leadership course has been developed to offer Christ-centred, Bible-based business training to those is business or ministry or those looking to be involved in leadership.
The 10 week course looks at how to be professional in the things we do (whether work, church or ministry) but also how to maintain integrity.

If you're interested in God's standard for Leadership, Management, Strategy, Money, Marketing etc, BML might be the course for you! Click here for more information >