Capernwray NZ

Application - Overseas Students

What do I need to come to school?

1) Student and Trainee Work Visa

Overseas students require a 'Student and Trainee Work Visa' if they are enrolled for a Capernwray course which is more than 3 months in duration (or part thereof).

Failure to obtain a visa prior to entry into New Zealand, may result in the Immigration Department refusing entry at the time of arrival into NZ. However late enrolling students may enter on a Visitors Visa and apply for the appropriate Work Visa once arrived in NZ.

When your application has been accepted, we will send to you an information pack with the necessary steps to apply for your 'Student  and Trainee Work Visa'.

Note that students residing in some African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries may find it extremely difficult or impossible to obtain a student visa for our courses. Please contact for advice before you submit an application.

For more information concerning applying for a Student and Trainee Work Visa - Religious Trainee, click to open a window to the Immigration NZ Website. Note that from April 1st 2019, this is now a quicker on-line process.

2) Compulsory Travel / Medical Insurance

Travel / Medical insurance is compulsory for all students entering New Zealand to study. The New Zealand Ministry of Education has provided minimum requirements as to appropriate levels of insurance cover and these requirements form part of the Ministry’s Code of Practice, which Capernwray has elected to follow.

>> To view the minimum insurance requirements for studying in New Zealand, click here

To ensure all our students have the appropriate insurance coverage we have selected two insurance companies - Orbit Protect and Uni-Care, who offer excellent student plans which comply with the Ministry of Education’s requirements.

These plans provide cover for trips outside New Zealand for up to 31 days as long as you are in Australia or the South Pacific and you return to New Zealand. Both policies will cover you for any manual work carried out within New Zealand, but only the Uni-Care policy covers manual labour outside of NZ (e.g. the Fiji missions trip*).

For students selecting the "Downunder" package with studying in both New Zealand and Australia, we recommend that you consider the Uni-Care Australasian policy, which covers you in both countries. This special policy can also be upgraded to cover any other country if you are planning a stop-over in other places. Contact our insurance broker for individual quotes for pricing based on dates of stay in each country.

Your cover must commence on the day you begin your travel and we recommend it concludes when you arrive back home. 
We require all our students to take out a policy with one of these two companies and we must receive a copy of your insurance certificate before or on arrival at school. If we do not have a copy of your insurance certificate at the time you register on the first day of school, we will require you to immediately take out a policy with either OrbitProtect or Uni-Care.

To get a quote and make application for medical insurance with either of these companies, click on the links below that will take you to their respective websites.

  • We do not accept any other insurance plans other than that provided by Orbit Protect or Uni-Care
  • *If considering participating in one of the optional 2-week Pacific Island mission outreaches (e.g. Fiji), the Uni-care policy covers you automatically for this. The OrbitProtect policy will incur an additional extension costing $50 when you register for the outreach trip. 

3) What Do I Do Now?

When you are ready to start the application process, you have two choices:

  1. Complete the Online Application form and pay your registration fee online (recommended / preferred way - Credit Card details will be required)
  2. Or, download and complete the Application Form and Referee Form and post to the Registrar

    If you decide to download the forms please follow the procedure below and send them by post. 

>> Online Application <<

Please fill in all the fields for your online application form (all * fields must be completed). Before you start you will need:

  1. A face picture of yourself (passport picture or similar) in a Jpeg format for uploading / attaching to your application request

  2. The names, postal and e-mail addresses of two people that you have asked to be your referees (your Minister, Pastor, Elder etc, and an adult other than a family member that knows you well)

  3. Have your credit card details ready for your registration fee - Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard cards accepted

Written Application process

  1. Please download Application Form and Referee Form 
  2. Complete all forms, making sure that you answer each applicable question. Please give one reference form to your Minister, Pastor or Elder etc, and an adult other than a family member that knows you well. 
  3. Please post or fax the completed forms to the Registrar, as well as the following items

    1. The completed Application Form (read the Life File)
    2. Two (2) passport type photographs as you intend to appear in school
    3. Your two Reference Forms (unless your referees have elected to mail them independently)
    4. Registration fee of $75.00NZD by Credit Card or Bank Draft (this is additional to the school course fees and is not refundable). Please make Bank Drafts payable to TORCHBEARER TRUST OF NZ. We are not able to accept personal cheques