Capernwray NZ

Application - New Zealand Students

What do I need to come to school?

To start the application process, you have two choices:

  1. Complete the Online Application form and pay your registration fee online (recommended / preferred way - Credit Card details will be required)
  2. Or, download and complete the Application Form and Referee Form and post or fax to the Registrar

    If you decide to download the forms please follow the procedure below and send them by post to the Registrar.

>> Online Application <<

Please fill in all the fields for your online application form (all * fields must be completed). Before you start you will need:

  1. A face picture of yourself (passport picture or similar) in a Jpeg format for uploading / attaching to your application request
  2. The names, postal and e-mail addresses of two people that you have asked to be your referees (your Minister, Pastor, Elder etc, and an adult other than a family member that knows you well)
  3. Have your credit card ready for your registration fee - Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard cards accepted

Written Application process

  1. Please download Application Form and Referee Form 
  2. Complete all forms, making sure that you answer each applicable question. Please give one reference form to your Minister,Pastor,Elder etc, and the other to an adult other than a family member that knows you well. 
  3. Please post or fax the completed forms to the Registrar, as well as the following items:

    1. The completed Application Form (read the Life File)
    2. Two (2) passport photographs as you intend to appear in school
    3. Your two Reference Forms (unless your referees have chosen to mail them independently)
    4. A registration fee of $75.00NZD by Credit Card or Bank Draft (this is additional to the school course fee and is not refundable). Please make Bank Drafts payable to TORCHBEARER TRUST OF NZ. We cannot accept personal cheques 
  4. Mail the above to:

    The Registrar,
    Capernwray Bible School,
    P.O.Box 702,
    Cambridge 3450

    Fax: +64 7 823 1809
    registrar "at"