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Global Student Pay


At Capernwray Bible School we use the Western Union Business Solutions payment portal for making your international tuition fee payments. We prefer this system because it’s a faster, more reliable way for you to pay. You can pay from your bank account with a local funds transfer.  

Log onto to make your payment.

5 Reasons to use Western Union Business Solutions payment portal 

1.It’s easy to use and you can make your payment faster and receive your Confirmation of Enrolment documents sooner. 

2.Save money by choosing a telegraphic transfer from your bank. There are no transfer charges from Western Union Business Solutions for this type of payment. 

3.You can use your own currency and still be sure that your full payment amount will be made in New Zealand Dollars. 

4.Once you make the payment, the exchange rate is locked in for 72 hours, making sure that the full amount is paid. 

5.You get peace of mind, knowing that your payment will arrive in full, on time, without any extra charges or delays.

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5 Steps to making your payment 

Step 1: Enter your student information. 

Step 2: Enter your payment amount in New Zealand Dollars 

Step 3: Select payment method – Telegraphic Transfer – choose your country & currency* 

Step 4: Enter the details of the person making the payment and print your bank transfer instructions. 

Step 5: Complete your payment at your local bank branch or with online banking using the printed instructions. 

Access the international student payment portal (hyperlink) 

*due to international banking regulations transactions in some currencies are not available. If your currency does not appear as an option, please select an alternative currency such as USD$